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Emanuele Garone

Photograph of Prof. Emanuele Garone
Prof. Emanuele Garone
Chargé de Cours (Assistant Professor)
Faculté des Sciences Appliquées/école Polytechnique
Université Libre de Bruxelles

MATH-H-407 (2019-2020) - Organization
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Guide to the Lab Guide to the lab

Lab groups Lab groups

Doodle November November the 16th 2019 - Anticipated Theory Part Registration

Catch-up Control October the 7th 2019 - Meeting for students with no previous course in control, to summarize what is usually taught in a basic course of control. Registration on the doodle mandator.

Lecture Notes - MATH-H-407 (2019-2020)
Module I - v. 2019 Lecture Notes

Module II - v. 2019 Lecture Notes

Lecture Slides - MATH-H-407 (2019-2020)
Lecture 1 Lecture 1 Slides

Lecture 2 Lecture 2 Slides

Lecture 3 and 4 Lecture 3 and 4 Slides

Excercise - MATH-H-407 (2019-2020)
Exercise 1 Exercise 1 with solutions

Exercise 2 Exercise 2 with solutions

Exercise 6 Exercise 6 s

e-mail: egarone@ulb.ac.be

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